Rage of the Slain

CR 3
By Siegez
The shaman's violet eyes spark with rage as his hand clenches the throne. Sounds of battle rise from the ground around you, and the hut transforms into a desolate battlefield. Corpses of the shaman's victims litter the ground, and as he rises from his throne the shaman rejuvenates. Returned to his prime, he raises a bloodied axe and charges you.

The players will approach the Shaman in his own hut, likely within an Orc camp they probably had to fight through. He is feeble and unable to leave his throne; however he manipulates the spirits of those he has slain to create a nightmarish landscape and an illusion of himself in his prime to attack the players. This is a haunt, stat block follows.

Rage of the Slain (CR 3)
CN, 15 sq ft
CL 3
Notice DC 0 (see flavor text)
HP 14
Trigger: proximity
Reset: 1 week

Effect: the hut around the players disappears, replaced by a battlefield strewn with the bodies of the shaman’s victims (similar to “Vision of Hell” spell [SRD Link]). The shaman appears to grow younger and stronger, and an illusory copy of him attacks the players. The illusion’s stats are: atk +3; 1d8+3 damage; all saves +3; AC 14; 14 HP. If it is reduced to/below 0, it hits one knee and the real shaman is visible upon his throne to all players for 1 round. After that the illusion regains all hp and continues to fight. Will save 14 negates the terrain illusion, Will save 14 when interacting with the Shaman illusion reveals the real shaman still sitting in his throne, helpless.

Destruction: kill the real shaman.


*This could be the leader of a raiding camp that has been terrorizing the area.
*There could be a bounty for this particular Orc, or he may have an artifact someone is willing to pay for.
*The players could be sent here for revenge; it’s even possible that this Shaman was responsible for a death in one of the player’s own back stories. If so fudge the rolls a little so that player is the first to break the illusion, and gets to kill him.

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This is a great opportunity to give the players something with flair. Naturally the leader of a raider camp will have gold, gems, and trade goods; but try to give the players something unique and pertinent to your story. Perhaps a Varisian scarf detailing the lineage of a close friend, or a medal from the Shining Crusade belonging to someone's relative. Make it interesting, but not necessarily "valuable."
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