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Four Seasons in One Day

This encounter, which I named after the Neil Finn song, is very flexible depending on the level of your campaign and the materials you have available.  The general gist of the encounter is as follows; feel free to adjust it

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Rage of the Slain

The players will approach the Shaman in his own hut, likely within an Orc camp they probably had to fight through. He is feeble and unable to leave his throne; however he manipulates the spirits of those he has slain

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Six Candles Riddle

Players solve a simple riddle to enter a portal to the Plane of Shadow, leading them into a spiral hallway with an exit at the other end.

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Green Thumb Rescue

This tree survives by capturing large animals and people and slowly consuming them. A Knowledge (Nature) or Knowledge (Local) DC 15 check will reveal that the tree can be appeased by offering it a more hearty snack. Attacking the tree will almost certainly result in the old man’s death. Perhaps a cow, deer or any other animal or person who’s larger than the frail old man might tempt the tree to let him go.

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Crypt of the Reappearing Bones

The party enters the crypt pictured in the map, and the door magically closes and seals behind them as they enter. The room is lit sufficiently with torches to allow normal sight. On the map, there is a stone pillar

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The Man And The Mimic

The party is approached by a man riding on a wagon with a treasure chest on the back. The encounter takes place on a stretch of road; to add spice to the encounter, add difficult terrain and/or cover on and around the road.

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Bees in a Bag

The players stumble upon a band of Orc raiders in a burned out village. One of the Orcs throws a bag with a hornet’s nest in it at the players.

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Dolly Dearest

The party stumbles across the skeletal remains of a human. The skeleton is in tact except for a small hole located on its skull. There are, however, 2 objects of note near the skeleton. An old rusted hammer and a porcelain doll. The doll is in remarkable quality.

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An Underground Oddity

Your path’s angle changes up ahead. Beyond, you can hear a constant grating sound of stone on stone with heavier strikes every few seconds. As you come around the corner you spot a man-sized rock formation repeatedly bumping into a wall of solid stone. The creature notices you (One within 60ft, due to tremorsense) and turns to flee, dragging the right side of its body against the rock wall as it goes.

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Dragonfly Dive Bombers

Characters are traveling along a narrow ledge, about 1-3 feet in width (DC 5 Acrobatics. Do not need to actually roll, but PCs lose DEX bonus to AC and CMD). The fetid stench of swamp below clings to their nostrils as they skirt around it. They may be going around the swamp because they were told to avoid, or perhaps they don’t have time to lose hacking and picking their way through.

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