SeriousBluebeard, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m SeriousBluebeard.  Once upon a time, I was born.  I lived for a while and continued to do so.  Like most humans, my parents probably rolled me a random max age at my birth, but I never asked them what it was.  I started playing tabletops RPGs in the early 90s, when my friend called me and asked me if I had ever heard of Dungeons & Dragons, which his dad and uncle had taught him during a family trip.  I said no, and even though I had neither dice nor the faintest idea of how the rules worked, he led me through a game right there on the phone.  I played through high school with my friends, then left gaming behind until 2012, when I was bored one summer night and thought it would be fun to go to D&D 4e Encounters at my local gaming shop.  Nowadays, I’m the Game Master for a Pathfinder group of friends and co-workers.

Out of character, I’m working on a PhD, which restricts the time I have to develop game content.  I threw out the idea for this site on Reddit and was instantly contacted by venn177.  The rest is…well, you’re looking at it.

I’m an Aquarius, and I have a wife and cats.  I’m probably neutral good and have low Dexterity.

venn177, Co-Founder

“venn177 is so busy being a programming badass that he hasn’t written his bio yet.  But he will.  I have faith.” — SB

I’ll keep that there. Oh! Uh, I’m venn. I run Branching Dialogue, a site I sometimes update a lot and then other times don’t update at all. Past that I play a lot of Pathfinder. I designed this site you’re reading! It was kind of fun to do but mostly wordpress hates me. Alternatively, you could always, like, just picture me as a staff. “You shall not pass… I guess?”

A special thanks to my good friend TD for double-checking everything I wrote and keeping my ideas fresh, and in general helping me out with practicality.

Pull up a chair and roll for initiative! Welcome to Epic Encounters, your resource for ready-made encounters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Dungeons & Dragons.

First time here? Welcome!

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